James Lave

< Senior Software Engineer />


I have over six years of experience driving business value through maintainable and efficient software. My expertise spans front-end and back-end development, cloud technologies, and automation.

From my physics background I bring a deep curiosity and exceptional problem-solving skills to every project. This scientific foundation enhances my ability to tackle complex technical challenges and deliver innovative solutions.


Integral Ad Science

My team maintained and modernized the company's core client script, responsible for measuring up to 120 billion ad placements each day. My efforts guiding the migration to TypeScript reduced debugging time by 30% and cut the number of bugs reaching production by half.

As the go-to expert on my team for optimizing build, test, and release workflows, I boosted developer productivity and ensured seamless deployments. This includes creating Seleste, a test optimization tool that saved up to 2 hours verifying each release.

Orchard [Dose Media]

I helped overhaul Orchard's website and proprietary internal platform while the company cemented itself as a leading social media market research and client services firm.

By integrating Facebook's Marketing API with custom tools, I streamlined the submission and analysis of hundreds of ad variants, saving up to a day's worth of manual work per project and significantly reducing costly configuration errors.

"James has... shown a talent for anticipating users' unspecified needs and implements solutions that are flexible enough to meet those needs as they arise.

"[He] writes very clean code and has excellent attention to detail. He also demonstrates initiative to update code or development practices in positive ways."

— Aaron Blondeau, Director of Technology


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